Financial Management Information Unit (FMIU) is the technical arm of Finance Department, responsible for electronic processing of data (budget, releases, accounts, rules, receipts and others). The information retrieved/accessed instantly facilitates decision making and brings efficiency and transparency in the financial management.

FMIU has established a province wide network between Finance Department, 26 District Finance Departments and major line Departments. The provincial and districts’ budget is available online. Releases are also online and expenditure is booked online. Budget and expenditure is being monitored in real time. Efforts are under way to further deepening the role of IT, and for that purpose the databases of budget, accounts, payroll and human resource management are being integrated.

FMIU is maintaining the budget database (receipts and expenditure, online releases and utilization), Human Resource Database and website of the department. Besides the FMIU is also monitoring the district's budget and expenditure and also providing technical input in matters pertaining to ICT. FMIU is responsible for the compilation and printing of the following budget related books in financial year:- Document Name Volume no No of books
1 Annual Budget Statement I 01
2 Estimates of receipts II 01
3 Current Budget/Development Budget III 15
4 Schedule of new expenditure (fresh and continued) IV 02
5 Supplementary budget V 01
6 Budget memorandum VI 01
7 Budget summary -- 01
8 White paper -- 01
Total Documents 23