Provincial Finance Commission

About PFC Wing of Finance Department

The PFC Wing serves as the principle office for fiscal monitoring and effective internal control over funds distributed under the Provincial Financial Commission (PFC) Award.

Functions of PFC Wing

  1. To initiate and coordinate financial management reforms relating to Districts and Local Governments.
  2. To institute and supervise systems, procedures and instruments for efficient public finance management in District Governments.
  3. To ensure accurate, timely accounting, financial reporting and financial management and to develop and implement plans for strengthening provincial and district capacity for these purposes.
  4. To ensure timely releases of funds to the Local Governments as per their respective shares under the PFC Award.
  5. To evaluate any proposals from districts on taxation, fees, rates, and charges as well as any demands for additional grants and submission to the Provincial Finance Commission.
  6. To coordinate with the Federal Government regarding NFC issues
  7. Fixation of receipts targets to line departments and its monitoring.
  8. Any other task assigned.

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