# Article Title Views
81 Grant of Increase in Pension to Civil Pensioners of the Provincial Government 67
82 Grant of Medical Allowance to Civil Pensioners of the Provincial Government 217
83 Restoration of Pension Surrended in Lieu of Commutation/Gratuity to the Pensioners Retired/To be Retired After 01-12-2001 98
84 One Step and Two Step Upgradation of Provincial Employees and Grant of Special Compensatory Allowance 541
85 Revision of Rental Ceilings for Hired Residential Accommodation 76
86 Amendments for Preparation of PC-I and Execution of Works in the Province 72
87 Cost Estimates of Development Projects in Tax Exempted Areas 72
88 Uniform Compensation Package for Legal Heir of the Provincial Police Personnel & All Persons in the Service of Provincial Government or Working on Civil Posts 89
89 Amendments in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Delegation of Powers under the Financial Rules & Powers of Re-appropriation Rules, 2001 166
90 Grant of Adhoc Relief Allowance-2014 87
91 Revision in the Rate of Conveyance Allowance For The Civil Servants 102
92 Increase in Minimum Pension Payable to Pensioners of the Provincial Government 53
93 Grant of Increase in Pension to Civil Pensioners of the Provincial Government 101
94 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Act, 2014 56
95 Amendment in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pay Revision Rules 1978 and Premature Increment on Upgraded Posts 108
96 Upgradation of Pay Scales of Superintendent, Assistant, Senior Clerk, Junior Clerk 365
97 The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Procurement of Good, Works & Service Rules 2014 112
98 Grant of Premature Increment on Promotion within the Same Scale 388
99 Clarification Regarding Grant of One Special Advance Increment 121
100 Revision of Management Position Scales 89